Obsessed with photography. 

You too? When I started, other pro photographers didn't want to be my friend. They kept their secrets to themselves.

I thought: "Well that's not very nice!"

So, since my first year in business I built my own thriving community and shared everything I knew. Growing together is always better than flat-lining alone. If you're into photography, my mission is to help you do it profitably and happily.  So settle in, grab some tea (or wine!) and read below. And if you ever get stuck, just let me know how I can help!

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Shoot to Edit is my brand new, signature online course and group coaching program for how to shoot, edit and perfect your own natural light style. Learn the secrets to crafting feature-worthy images that magnetize the RIGHT clients who actually want, and can easily afford your top packages.

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In this post I share seven tips on how to shoot natural light portraits in my signature 'light and airy' photography style – while still maintaining the sky and highlight details in your images.

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Getting featured in blogs and magazines is one of the best methods of free marketing, helping you gain exposure, credibility and ultimately book more weddings with dream photography clients. In this post I'm sharing 7 of my top tips for getting published!

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her work probably the best I've seen...which is saying a lot 

Jack & Jacky

Creative Director, Las Vegas, NV





for professional wedding & lifestyle photographers

No one should go it alone. New or established, sometimes you just need that extra boost of confidence tailor-made for you and where you're at right now in your journey. I'm an open book: Business / Marketing / Photography / Clients - I've got your back! Let's dive deep into what will make this year THE stand out year for you! 


My gear

The gear

my bag

I believe in keeping photography gear simple, light and hassle-free. You won't find me weighed down by tons of lighting soft-boxes, reflectors and other miscellaneous gadgets. When I'm at a shoot, I'm there to connect and create. So instead, I invest in a minimal amount of lenses and camera bodies. After years of wasting money on gear I don't use, I've found that my true weapon of choice is knowing how to manipulate the most beautiful light we have: Natural Light. Check out my youtube videos to learn more and see the minimal photography gear I use and why. 

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