Let's Taco 'bout You & Me!

You might be a tiny bit sentimental. You might want to hold on to seemingly simple things, like the way your love gives you that naughty little smile when no one else is watching. Or maybe you treasure those ordinary moments others take for granted, like when they offer you the last bite of ice cream, fully stacked with the best toppings you love.

It’s possible that, like me, you've started realizing that one of the most memorable things you can do as a couple is to take a minute of your relationship, capture it, exaggerate it, make it fun, make it art. Tack it to your fridge with campy plastic magnets, or parade it on Instagram and count the comments. Or maybe you just want a single iconic image of the two of you to display huge on your wall to make a statement, like:



If you resonate with my work... 
                      We might be a bit alike. 

"Hell yeah babe, that’s us!"  

Yep, if you like my work, we’re probably somewhat alike. Wouldn't it be fun to hang out & create something

meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to 

Good Photos





A few things that make my heart

handmade love notes
cute Old couples flirting
specialty-cocktail menus 
road-trips w/ the windows down
chill Date Nights 
dancing 'til the sun comes up
Green Tea Lattes on rainy days
sides of extra sauce (always)
old-fashioned sappy love songs


and then, of course, there's...

of course, let's not forget...


I am soon to have my very own hubby! Jayse and I have been inseparable since we met, He is my ultimate supporter, still opens doors for me, and is my perfect life-partner in crime.
We are currently spending our dinners and weekends planning our own dream wedding in Santorini, Greece!

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gonna get mar-ahh-arried!


The Fur-Child

Fave Treat: Rawhide 
Lives for: head scratches
Fave phrase: "I swear I haven't eaten yet."
Fave game: Hide 'n Seek
Fave time: nap time!

(extra small please)


I work in the wedding industry so I work with photographers all the time. I was having such a hard time finding someone that I thought was unique, until I found Chelsea. 

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My bags are always packed! Based in Las Vegas, I serve Nevada & California with zero travel fees.

I also travel nationally and internationally with a super simple flat-fee structure to make it easy for you to budget, and to say, "Let's go Chels!"

Just drop me a line below to find out more! 



Created by Alvaro Cabrerafrom the Noun Project


Did somEone say


I chose Las Vegas as my destination wedding location for two reasons: it’s a guaranteed good time and Chelsea Nicole. 

Guinevere and Eric

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Let's get Lost



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I recently created a YouTube channel JUST for you.
It's my place to share how I created a 6-figure photography business fast, while only taking a few select weddings a year from clients I ADORE.
My goal is to give you specific tools to do the same! 

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